COULD THIS BE THE BEST FNF MOD EVER??!! | Friday Night Funkin' [Indie Cross] -

COULD THIS BE THE BEST FNF MOD EVER??!! | Friday Night Funkin’ [Indie Cross]

Forever Nenaa
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Friday Night Funkin Indie Cross Gamplay

Uh oh! Your tryin to kiss ur hot girlfriend, but her MEAN and EVIL dad is trying to KILL you! He’s an ex-rockstar, the only way to get to his heart? The power of music…
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You shall cross through indie worlds
Think you have the balls to survive?
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  1. Okay good job forever Nina this favorite YouTube woman she min all min she cute and in hand sonm wen meeting with you some day my baby girl I love you hold on

  2. Guys, did you notice that the light that appears at the end of phase 3 of the trick is the same as the Indie cross

  3. All the Friday night funky u play. this is the hardest one of them all.

  4. bendy is so cray cray for that boyfreind in trouble

  5. Wait you love sans o you have a crush on him EVERYONE SHE HAVE AN CRUSH ON SANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Did anyone noticed that in cuphead song two in the background the narater saids the f word to you

  7. And after friday night nuggit it,s chiken nuggit mod

  8. Is it just me or does it look like boyfriends doing the middle finger on the fourth song on bendy

  9. Not trying to be weird I’m just pointing out the weird but has anyone ever wandered why the 2 balls on on the death screen😂😂😂

  10. There is more sans mechanics if you choose vilns

  11. Sans:”Let's continue shall we?” GIVES ME AN AD

  12. Bendy has the best songs in the mod (it's also the best week)

  13. Last song depends on how much you attack and dog

  14. I love how Neena is just vibing except of focusing on the game😩😂😂

  15. rjdjdhodhdohdoshfoeutowufoeueiueowyrowuroeiroeieoe says:

    .coxsniibchxoshjsjsjdjskdnc jnowfjndjon k kaz😠💩😎💩

  16. The second cup head song is copyrighted

  17. never trust mugman because he will get you killed just like bf

  18. Did anyone notice bfs middle finger pointed at bendy or was it just me

  19. Are we not gonna talk about when nenaa died from cup head he was holding the middle finger up😅😅😅its on 9:07

  20. I always get chills at the beginning cutscene, just has that movie level animation

  21. Your profile pic sure looks like Amanda from Amanda the adventure😂😂

  22. Bf does middle finger at bendy while running 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

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