Convict & Pico VS Friday Night Funkin + RUMBLE UPDATE (FNF MOD) -

Convict & Pico VS Friday Night Funkin + RUMBLE UPDATE (FNF MOD)

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Hello Guys) What’s up there?

Some lore:
“The next update is gonna be a lot faster than this update mostly cause authors are close to being done with it. And it’ll include nonconformist. and a new song that you guys haven’t seen. Also btw this update was still kind of rushed, but authors got a lot more done given with this time then the other deadline. Rumble for this update is like 70% done, it includes all the major events. The next update will add all the small stuff to it that polishes it out and makes it even better. Next update will also include the tape room, new menu art and death screens. Which are really really detailed. The next update will have a lot and it’ll be out this year as well.”

00:00 Intro
00:05 Song 1
02:17 Animation 1
02:33 Song 2
05:28 End game animation
05:45 Credits

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