Confronting Yourself: Original VS Reanimated | FNF Mods -

Confronting Yourself: Original VS Reanimated | FNF Mods

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Friday Night Funkin’ Mods: A showcase and side-by-side comparison of Reanimated/Remastered/HD “Confronting Yourself” and Original “Confronting Yourself”. FNF Confronting Yourself: Original VS Remaster. Hope you enjoy!

I was able to get my hands on an early access build of this reanimated mod, so I wanted to share it with y’all. The sprites are well-made and it fits the background better in my opinion. Anyway, let me know what you think in the comments!


CYS Mod – Reanimated by N.E –
Confronting Yourself Mod –
Confronting Yourself OST –
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0:00 Reanimated Confronting Yourself
2:08 Super Sonic Transformation
3:02 Side-by-side Comparison


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  1. I think in the remaster they had to make a ring at the end through which Sonic could escape

  2. The original in my opinion is my favorite. The sonic.exe is more distorted and bigger. Showing how Sonic.exe shows himself mostly better than others. My opinion though, what’s yours?

  3. Both have good aspects to them

    The original feels more desperate, since he never goes super sonic

    The remaster actually has Sonic stand up to Sonic.exe with super sonic

  4. Sonic.exe’s poses:
    Up: cool
    Down: cool
    Right: wtf no nose
    Left: AGAIN?!?!

  5. ngl the reanimated looks like modern version while normal looks like classic version

  6. the reanimated one looks actually good. but i think the original one is better

  7. Reanimated nem style

    Sorri of my English im in Russia

  8. Okay I know thinking of good poses while running is hard but god damn they be stiff

  9. I prefer the remake because they look better and sonic.exe looks scarier and sonics running is better and his new model and sonic gets into chaos mode later on so yeah remake is better

  10. I like the remake cause there’s a lot of details

  11. The first one got more different notes moves but the other got SUPERSONIC

  12. … what the si soooooo cool 😎 i am god saids some games Sonic . exe

  13. the reanimated one is more fast and i like it looks like its more realistic and more like the game

  14. Me. Voy a matar por que esta cancion me gusta

  15. mine is the reanimated

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