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Confronting Yourself: Original VS Reanimated | FNF Mods

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Friday Night Funkin’ Mods: A showcase and side-by-side comparison of Reanimated/Remastered/HD “Confronting Yourself” and Original “Confronting Yourself”. FNF Confronting Yourself: Original VS Remaster. Hope you enjoy!

I was able to get my hands on an early access build of this reanimated mod, so I wanted to share it with y’all. The sprites are well-made and it fits the background better in my opinion. Anyway, let me know what you think in the comments!


CYS Mod – Reanimated by N.E –
Confronting Yourself Mod –
Confronting Yourself OST –
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0:00 Reanimated Confronting Yourself
2:08 Super Sonic Transformation
3:02 Side-by-side Comparison


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  1. Yes yes se ko vom Thomas Tom [THOMAS] 《Reboot 》 TUNNEL!

  2. The Part Remake When Sonic turn into super sonic its cool my fav part its this but my fav mod is original

  3. I like the way sonic is not even looking where he is going 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Una pequeña parte es sonic.exe forma que sea que cuando jugamos a sonic.exe

  5. Número 2 siempre Sonic es muy malvado es punto exe todos se ríen pero casi todos pero a veces unos no se ríen y a veces se asustan a veces es en la vida real todos por estar en la vida real o el videojuego que eso no los dejara dormir

  6. Número 3 yo soy un video más divertido qué siglo es una escoba mi celular lo grabó ahí pero ya

  7. Fun fact:hyper sonic is stronger than hyper shadow but super shadow is stronger than super sonic?😊

  8. no eres por eres manco por que llo se mucho de friday night funkin

  9. I like sonic exe and sonic speed and I love this one

  10. Bueno ya y qué canciones córrele por eso como vocho volcado bien

  11. I like the left one because sonic gets the emeralds

  12. I actually like both bc I played both of them and they are good mods hope too see more in the future

  13. My favorite would be the remake because sonic looks more like him in the real game but in the original it looks like mini or baby sonic.

  14. คอปเตอร์ แก้วเรือง says:


  15. Honestly i think the originals better just because he actually moves a lot more than the reanimated and also its just a cool sega-like art style

  16. Thumbnail if it was animated: remastered sonic cmon classic me we gotta escape the .exes classic sonic: (… because he never speaks)

  17. if you hear closey in the backround you can hear sans

  18. I like the original sonic because it’s more focused on the song

  19. Anybody else trying to get that perfect pause for 0:49 😂

  20. If you turn on 2x speed you have activated the speed shoes

  21. I choose Reanimated is Amazing🤩💖💞💗💓👍

  22. My favorite 1 is the old version it fits the 1993 version

  23. Original because is the Quality of the fnf and the sonic.exe is more flexible to the arrows when touch sonic.exe the moves is much original

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