Boyfriend Reanimated Teaser (FNF MOD) -

Boyfriend Reanimated Teaser (FNF MOD)

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yoo guess what i like fnf
heres a teaser for a mod im working on :))
Music: Bopeebo Instrumental by KawaiSprite
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  1. Omg that sick look at the detail from the bar.

  2. Can you do the same with Daddy dearest hes tbh kinda of boring. (Id love to see one of his poses him with his arm on his hand as he’s flexing) or one where he flips the bf off

  3. I like the boyfriend that got remastered

  4. tried it out, love the more exaggerated poses he has

  5. I love how he goes into shock when he misses.

  6. No wonder why this gave me sonic vibes to it

  7. This will go well with the hd neon mod im gonna make

  8. I love the character movements and energy this brings into Boyfriend’s character, but maybe a bit too much as he is just singing, but I still really like it. Also I’m getting Sonic vibes not gonna lie.

  9. Can you please make it a zip file? I can't download Rar files so can you make a zip version?

  10. Too much shading, doesn't fit with the artstyle and looks like he's trying to get a gold star in a drama lesson. 8/10

  11. hey i have some problems with the mod you made, So i saw yor mod the br reanimated i download it and put in to the fnf files i open up the game and its started to bug out! i would be happy if you could help me with this problem!

  12. Daniel: Boyfriend
    The Cooler Daniel: Boyfriend Reanimated

  13. I know you may not read this but- are you able to make an reanimated girlfriend?

  14. There is literally no download button in the website for this mod

  15. Fresh I found unlisted sprite animations here

  16. Fresh unblock Chado 2021 he's chad 2019 unblock him now

  17. Fresh Why don't you put the mod also as an Adobe Animate file?

  18. Hey fresh maybe do others to! I know you worked hard and I'd coding n stuff but it'd look cool, and hey at least you don't need to do pico

  19. Its just bf with a new animation nothing else new i guess

  20. Really underrated I prefer this more than the old one

  21. I finally found this channel after I deleted my old account. (Also why did you delete your old videos they were good)

  22. bro i didnt know you made this mod i thought you only collaborate with level up!

  23. release the flash flies so I can uhhhh mess with it

  24. Belobim Studio | Video Games (Cosmic Sneeze too!) says:

    so, when Girlfriend Reanimated? please make Reanimated Gf mod.

  25. Belobim Studio | Video Games (Cosmic Sneeze too!) says:

    There are another FNF characters that u gonna reanimate?

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