BFDI GETS PIBBY CORRUPTED!! Friday Night Funkin vs PIBBY BFDI - FNF Mods 165 -

BFDI GETS PIBBY CORRUPTED!! Friday Night Funkin vs PIBBY BFDI – FNF Mods 165

SuperDog Tyler
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Today I’m FINALLY back with FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN Mods and play fnf BFDI Pibby Corruption mod! I love Battle for Dream Island, BFB & TPOT!! FNF BFDI Mods RULE and I want more!! 😁
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This Friday Night Funkin Fnf BFDI Pibby mod is created by ZayDashAnimates & More

Play the FNF Battle for Dream Island Pibby mod here!

Battle for Dream Island is created by @jacknjellify check my dudes out! 😀

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  1. Wait and at Taco not falling with grapling gun is td! <—->teardrop!

  2. And tyler say happy birthday to me cuz IM gonna get 8 years!

  3. Why did you start on the second song instead of the first song?

  4. According to my senses black hole can't get corrupted because he is a anomaly from the void and plus he is already fully black

  5. Play the cloud mod witch wants senpai and play the bunzo bunny mode

  6. When blocky Got Corrupted He got Corrupted a little bit and thenA racer And Pen Rand rand away Because the blockbuste blocky Got corrupted even more


  8. When "Gone Wrong" song started, I thought it was gonna go "I got no time, I got no time to live" 😭✋

  9. Lightningmations! - Formerly CoolCoiny says:


    – Tyler 2022

  10. Tyler is the best 😁😘🙂😍🙂😄😁😆

  11. In the last part of ending seasons there are 3 hidden corrupted ppl
    Bomby: behind ruby
    Fanny: behind bf
    Four: in the background behind all of the trees

  12. Comments on this comment who’s behind boyfriend

  13. That reference was sonic.exe too slow

  14. I'm So Glad You R Back Tyler I've Been Waiting For You To Play Friday Night Funkin
    Yo This Mod Is Sick!!!!! I Should Play This Mod

  15. You skipped the first song witch is called snakes

  16. Im glad you are part of the bfb community

  17. On Vines and For Petal's sake there is remote and pillow.

  18. Play glitch legends mod or i unsubscribe from you.

  19. I know with the grappling hook gun is teardrop.

  20. I have a question can you do fnf pacman v2

  21. I literally thought that bf was blocky but in the second song of flower I realized that it was he was his hat

  22. the gun/grapple hook is what td holds to leave the oven teardrop left but if u turn the screen on the left profiely was there all along

  23. and also their names should be for boyfriend cappy and girlfriend speakery

  24. p
    glitched legends is really good i played it before

  25. Black hole suck up all of the corruption

  26. gelatin is here in the comments! (Ask me questions!)

  27. I want to tell you a sad story tyler when I was a kid I loved watching your videos the most but yesterday I was going to watch your videos but I realised that you were gone I was very sad about that i cry a little bit when I sleep evrytime then when you made this video you actually said that your back then I so so much happy and that's the end of my story I hope you like it please everyone like and subscribe to super dog tyler I hope you enjoy your live I will make you rich because I will like and subscribe and sorry for saying alot of words anyways I am so much happy that your back see ya or goodbye

  28. You don’t deserve all thoughts subs you deserve 100 million subs HOPE YOU GET THERE IF YOU DONT I WILL UN SUB AND UNLIKE ALL DO IT IN 10 YEARS

  29. When pibby is running from the corruption, in the background of the corrupted characters singing, you can see dark figures of other contestants such as bomby, fanny, and some others

  30. A Average Battle For Dream Island Fan says:

    I’m so happy your another battle for dream island fan!

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