All References Found in Mario's Madness (Mario.EXE) || FNF Mod -

All References Found in Mario’s Madness (Mario.EXE) || FNF Mod

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Hello everybody. Mario creepypasta is something I really love and this mod just nailed it. Today I’m explaining references I found in this mod, and hope you enjoy this!

Download Mario’s Madness:

Mario 3 Gameplay:

This mod is really cool. I enjoyed most of it. Something that can be improved are some songs like the first one, as it doesn’t sounds as great as some of the latter songs. Still I ADORE this. The art work and direction is just amazing.

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  1. For the second Mario song, I thought the reference was from that one image of Mario where’s he’s black and white with realistic eyes

  2. I think the person in golden land is Luigi and he got stuck in golden lake or land how ever you want to call it and slowly got insane I’m pretty sure but idk

  3. I know the second level reference is it’s Mario land two six golden coins

  4. 1:16 I am going to make a game called “ Super Mario land.exe LAIR”

  5. 1:16 I am going to make a game called “ Super Mario land.exe”

  6. In the song “golden land” it is a refrence to a creepy pasta called golden land or golden memory, the Mario your facing is a one of the devs for the mod oc based on the creepy pasta

  7. I hope that you will just block the things for the middle finger

  8. 8:01 he says “innocence doesn’t get you far” then screams Wahoo ( which is also my fav part

  9. Also if anyone is asking, racist mario says,” your not Nintendo, your-your pretend-o, your all, RACE TRAITORS!”

  10. In his disguise, GB looks similar to the original Mario. He wears a white shirt and black overalls with grey buttons to fit with the Game Boy's black-and-white graphics. However, his eyes are covered up by the brim of his hat, and he holds a microphone in his right hand.

    Once he reveals his face, he has a massive, disgusting smile, and his arms hang at his sides. His eyes appear as round and empty sockets, but with realistically-shaped eyes often appearing within. His mustache also bends more aggressively and extends all the way up to GB's cap. In his left and right poses, he lacks teeth, with fleshy tendrils connecting the top and bottom of his mouth. theres no creepypasta about the golden land its orginal to Marco antonio

  11. Your_Average_Funky_Friday_Console_Player says:

    am i the only one who noticed the post mortal reference for the intro of the first song?

  12. Another thing about the "Alone" song. At one point, a shadow appears that shows BF hanging, which is a reference to a creepy shadow in Luigi's Mansion that looked like Luigi was hanging.

  13. Who noticed that the comments say 666

  14. on first song maybe u missed theres majin sonic song yes like a bit

  15. Also, I dunno if other peeps also noticed. And this is VERY RARE to spot. (Ignore this if you don't want spoilers TwT)

    In the Luigi's Mansion song, there's actually a possibility for you to see…BF….Well, remember the Phone Room in the game?

    Yeah…Lightning Flash, Shadow appears, hanging…Yeah, I'm not gonna say anymore. But there IS a chance you might see it. I saw the Mod for the first time, and yeah…I freaked out when I saw it. But, ya know…Idk if they took it out or not. Cuz the warning DID mention THAT. So…I dunno. But it brings that song to a WHOLE new level for disturbing.

    Major props for the Developer and Team UwU

  16. I think that's Luigi 🤔 I don't know and I don't want because he creeps me out and he does the middle finger at boyfriend now that's rude rear rude

  17. Hmm at the mid point of the I hate you song it reminds me of the super Mario World theme that was based on it

  18. My question is as follows
    How did Mario bring Boyfriend to Game Boy?

  19. 2:31 At the beginning of the song you hear several notes that are sometimes familiar
    Those notes are a reference to the SMW soundtrack, which is noticeable
    3:36 and here too

  20. This mod was created by Latin Americans, although you didn't know it

  21. when the drowned mario appear luigi singing one of mario world songs one famous is the overworld music

  22. in the song I HATE YOU i found a reference especifically this part 3:32 the reference is from super mario world the overworld theme

    a reference from the original game where is the based the creppypasta

  23. The Mario land Mario is exclusive to this model its gang made named gb

  24. Good video, I just want to note that Golden land's antagonist (GB,) Was not based on any creepypasta but made by the creator of the mod instead. Which I would also like to point out that it's similar to "Faker EXE" From Sonic.EXE V2, Both utilizing disguises and both made by the creator of the mod.

  25. Boyfriend seems to attract the most sinister versions of every character.

  26. Dude, i got a damn nostalgia trip from I HATE YOU's part. I remember it from years ago. As well as the scary mario, and game over Luigi.

  27. This sound 6:06 is reference to Mario running up the stairs endlessly I think 🤔 and a lot of Bowser pictures without eyes and a picture with only white and in "I HATE YOU"creepypasta when Mario is running going to the bridge .there's a lot of ghost without eyes but still has their mouth and big bombs pass through Mario and he basically goes into a pipe and the cutscene begins to play with Luigi when you enter

  28. you forgot about the hanging boyfriend in the depressed luigi song, nice video

  29. You missed a few references like how in the i hate you luigi song theres a reference to one if the themes in super mario world also theres the hanging bf being a reference to a part in the luigi’s mansion game where you could see luigi being hanged which was a mistake that nintendo patched

  30. The Gameboy Mario is actually an oc by one of the devs they name is GB

  31. 1:03 Welcome to the golden lands, A Wonderful Place where its all – oh hey theres mario, wait a minute-

  32. GB mario, the pixelly one, is the mod makers oc,

  33. So the left animation in Appiration is when Wario tries to hypnotize you to play his game

  34. In the first song there is a reference of endless i think

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