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4 More NEWGROUNDS FNF Mods (Isaac, Jeb, StrawberryClock, Salad Fingers) Friday Night Funkin’

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Friday Night Funkin’ Secrets, Easter Eggs, References, and more
from 4 more Newgrounds Mods: The Binding of Isaac, Jeb / Jebediah Christoff (Madness), StrawberryClock, and Salad Fingers.

What me struggle to play FNF + a few select mods. I promise, I suck at it!

Friday Night Funkin’ has been the gift that keeps on giving. With the modding community being one of the most active I’ve ever seen, we’ve been getting mountains of new content all the time!
My interest in FNF started in it’s strong support of Newgrounds, and Flash history/culture. So I saw a perfect opportunity to share my own love, and provide a bridge for FNF fans to be more informed in all things Newgrounds!

What my history videos on prominent Flash series ►

00:00 Ready? Set. Go!
00:30 Updates
01:38 Isaac
08:59 StrawberryClock
15:36 Madness / Jeb
25:54 Salad Fingers

I have a running list of other Newgrounds themed/inspired mods that I could cover some day. Hit me up with your suggestions if you want to see more!


  1. You are not First but your special =)

  2. I hope this channel grows more, it's one of my favs

  3. You know it's only a matter of time before someone makes a mod of the entire Shrek movie franchise being a week

  4. Really enjoying your content. Glad to have discovered your channel a few months back.

  5. 7:42

    Looks more like incubus with brimstone rather then lil brin

  6. I feel many let’s players would benefit if they played fnf. But that’s my unpopular opinion.

  7. Don't you always love how bf doesn't have mercy or feelings
    He doesn't care about issac only


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