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21 KEYS? Friday Night Funkin SHAGGY RETURNS… FNF Mods #16

SuperDog Tyler
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Today I play FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN Mods with FNF SHAGGY MOD 21 KEY GOD EATER! Shaggy FNF God Eater song with 21 arrows 💀
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FNF Whitty Secret Week Friday Night Funkin vs Shaggy mod is created by srPerez

Play FNF Shaggy mod here ►
FNF Shaggy vs Tabi mod ►
FNF Tree mod ►

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  1. Tyler, when you press 9, it shows the icon of Beta Boyfriend, that's why you saw it. One of the keys were 9.

  2. Shaggy but he using 100% power Its 105 arrows

  3. Try with 9 key that is easy or try 6

  4. Eyyyyyyyy ive played 10000 keys mod and other players like 1000 of us or 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  5. Hey Tyler did you Know that shaggy When he goes 100% there are 100 keys

  6. him :
    this is getting hard

    me as a osu player :

  7. I did it with zero misses

  8. Tu savais que c'est impossible 21 touches

  9. The tree mod is even more tricker than the tricky mod

  10. Tyler: Who has this many fingers?!
    Me: I have no idea man

  11. Someone on YouTube did the 21 keys the full thing

  12. You are the best Friday night Funkin player I love your videos I feel bad 😔 you lost you are awesome 🤩 and stunning

  13. I like it when you say lets go fighit fast.

  14. 1qa2zws3xed4crf5vtg6b key binds for 21 key

  15. Shaggy Stop Singing Tree if you stop by will buy you one at Walmart

  16. No girl friends saying that she’s already taken by you aka bf

  17. Um I was thinking about that amount of notes

  18. 1:28

    Tyler: Why am I even doing this?

    Me: I have no idea…

  19. someone in my school said that scooby is dead in fnf

  20. If one of you would like to try this mod here is the 21 keys: 1 Q A 2 Z W S 3 X E D 4 C R F 5 V T G 6 B

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